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Rodgers sees Red after Boxing Day loss to Manchester City

rodgers referee madFollowing Liverpool’s 2-1 loss to Manchester City on Boxing Day, Reds manager Brendan Rodgers left no doubt as to how he felt about the officiating at the Etihad Stadium.

Rodgers let loose on the officials after they failed to call a possible penalty on a Luis Suárez take down and when they waved off a Raheem Sterling goal after ruling Sterling offsides – when it was clear that Sterling was in an on-side position.

“They had no help whatsoever from the officials. I never go on about officials but I thought today they were horrendous, in terms of performance.” he said. “We had nothing that went our way at all. I thought that the linesman on the offside one – they weren’t even on the same cut of grass, and if you’re working at this level, you have to get that right. It’s not even a difficult one, that. These are the things we work on and talk about, we are asking a young player to try and break their line. It was a perfect timed run and he’s given offside when he’s through one-on-one on goal.

“Listen, the officials make mistakes. I just felt that the mistakes made tonight shouldn’t have happened at this level.”

Rodgers even went so far as to question why an official who lives in the Manchester area was appointed to the biggest match of the day.

“I was surprised to see that the referee came from Greater Manchester,” he said. “If it was City vs. Liverpool at Anfield I don’t think we would get a referee from the Wirral.”

Losing the Sterling goal was a tough one, but Liverpool could have still walked out of the match with a draw if Simon Mignolet hadn’t let in what was a bit of a soft goal by Álvaro Negredo.

The loss makes Sunday’s game against Chelsea even more important now for Liverpool. After waking up on Christmas Day at the top of the Premier League table, a loss to Chelsea, combined with a win by Arsenal, would suddenly drop Liverpool drop six points off the lead pace.

Despite the defeat at Manchester City, Rodgers is still confident in his team.

“I think people will go away and look at us as a team that is going to be there challenging. Our objective is to set up camp in the top four,” Rodgers said. “This is what the club has been striving for. We have shown consistently that we are in with a right good chance of doing that this season.

“Performances like tonight and like at Tottenham show that we have the quality to do that. We didn’t get the points but we will recover well now and get onto the next game.”

(Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail)

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