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In Cleveland, hope dies last

The one constant on the Browns is that Hue is going to be Hue

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The Cleveland Browns are heading into the 2018 NFL season in a situation that is wholly unfamiliar to decades of fans.

Thanks to the groundwork done by former general manager Sashi Brown, and executed by current general manager John Dorsey, the Browns actually have a stable quarterback situation.

Veteran Tyrod Taylor is on hand to hold down the position for as long as it takes to get rookie Baker Mayfield up to speed. It doesn’t matter if that is two games, eight games or the entire season – the plan is in place and, for once, it is a sound one.

The one flaw, however, continues to be head coach Hue Jackson, who continues to display an inability to get with the program.

The latest example comes courtesy of Mike Silver at, who writes that the Browns tried to trade for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles at the start of the league year in March.

Silver does not cite his sources by name, but if Browns fans have learned anything in the past two years, it is that if Silver writes a story involving the Browns then it is a sure bet that Jackson is one of his sources.

Taken on its own, this isn’t really big news. The Browns headed into the offseason knowing they needed a quarterback to keep the offense afloat while they worked with the rookie quarterback they always planned to select with the No. 1 overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft.

They took a shot at Foles, were turned down, and then turned their attention to Taylor, sending a third-round draft pick to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for the seven-year veteran.

But after watching Jackson throw the front office under the bus for the past two years – especially when it comes to the quarterback position – it is understandable for Browns fans to be a bit uneasy that the news came out now.

Jackson has already started a subtle campaign to start Mayfield sooner than later, moving from the stance that Taylor is the unquestioned starter to hinting that, you know, maybe Mayfield can make a strong case to be QB1.

It is not hard to envision a scenario where the Browns struggle the first few weeks of the season and Jackson starts beating the drum to start Mayfield, only to be shut down by Dorsey.

That’s when the stories start resurfacing about how if the Browns had only traded for Foles then things would be better. (Remember: nothing is ever Jackson’s fault. Ever.)

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course, and this could all just be paranoia fueled by the events of the past two seasons. After all, it is a new day in Browns Town.

But, given recent history, it is fair to wonder if Jackson is ready to get on board with what the Browns are building.

(Photo via Star Tribune)

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