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Sorry Browns fans, replacing Pat Shurmur now won’t matter

Another week, which means another post-mortem on another Cleveland Browns loss.

You would think we’d be used to this by now, with the Browns having lost nine games in a row dating back to last season, but it doesn’t get any easier.

As usual in the days after a Browns loss, talk around Brownstown has focused on coach Pat Shurmur and what he does – or doesn’t do – on the sidelines each week.

With every loss more and more fans are calling for incoming owner James Haslam to fire Shurmur – preferably within minutes of being approved as owner of the Browns at next month’s owners meeting. But will that really make a difference?

To find out, head over to The Cleveland Fan.

Are the Browns making the right play by sitting Weeden?

We’ve expected (and feared) that this day was coming for a few weeks now, but that still didn’t make it any easier when we heard the news

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden will sit out Thursday’s game against Chicago, the final preseason friendly on the schedule as well as the last opportunity for Weeden and the rest of the rookie-infused offense to work together at game speed.

The Browns are betting that Weeden will be ready for the Eagles in Week 1 with the least amount of time possible to prepare.

Head over to The Cleveland Fan to find out if the gamble will pay off.

Browns do football things, people get worked up

The Cleveland Browns closed out training camp on Wednesday by giving the media something to blow out of proportion.

Coach Pat Shurmur got into it with starting corner back Joe Haden during the morning practice and, after a few choice words, sent Haden to the locker room. The fracas all started when Haden brought down wide receiver Travis Benjamin after a play.

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Shurmur taking the social out of social media

Training camp is getting to Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur.

From integrating rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden into the offense, to dealing with injuries to seemingly half the defense, the possible suspension of cornerback Joe Haden, and chasing Eric “10-win” Mangini on the franchise’s career wins list, the stress and pressure seems to be getting to the second-year coach.

How else to explain Shurmur’s reaction earlier this week to Twitter?

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You’re making our point for us, coach

Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur reportedly was not happy with Josh Gordon’s play during practice on Sunday, pulling the rookie wide receiver from drills with the first team.

That came on the heels of Gordon’s first NFL game Friday night against Detroit, where he was targeted three times but came away with a Brian Robiskie-like zero catches for no yards.

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You sure about that strategy, coach?

We’ve been wondering for a while now how the Cleveland Browns would handle their third preseason game, at home on Aug. 24 against Philadelphia.

Generally, teams use that game as a “dress rehearsal” for the regular season, working the regulars as much as possible before letting them sit the final preseason game to avoid injury.

Only this year, for some odd scheduling reason, the Browns will also face the Eagles again in the season opener on Sept. 9.

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The good, the bad and the fixable

The Cleveland Browns opened the 2012 NFL preseason with a 19-17 win over the Detroit Lions.

“Regardless of whether or not they count, it is always more fun to win,” Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur said in published reports. “I told our guys that, and they made some plays to put us in position to do that.”

Fun is a relative term, of course, and we’re not sure watching the game Friday night was what we would consider as fun. But it was a preseason game, so you have to go into the experience with a lower level of expectations.

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Shurmur, Childress & RG3: Can this work?

Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur and offensive coordinator Brad Childress sat down with the media on Wednesday before leaving town for the NFL Combine and the duo dropped a couple of interesting tidbits for Brown fans.

But you’ll need to head over to The Cleveland Fan to find out what it all means.

The Rams clearly miss Pat Shurmur

The St. Louis Rams offense clearly missed having Pat Shurmur calling the plays in 2011, as evidenced by a statistical breakdown at Cold Hard Football Facts.

After finishing the 2010 season with a negative point differential of just 2.4 points per game while going 7-9, the Rams were outscored by 13.4 points per game last season, the worst in the NFL.

Obviously the team couldn’t overcome Shurmur’s departure to Cleveland to take over as Browns head coach.

The Rams showed a huge improvement in 2010, Shurmur’s second season running the offense, as they rebounded from a 2009 season that saw the team outscored by an average of 16.3 points per game.

Hopefully that is a good sign for the Browns offense heading into Shurmur’s second year in charge.


For some reason, Scott Miller of CBS has decided it is his responsibility to hound the Oakland A’s and Manny Ramirez this season.

Miller sent out a Tweet saying “Sharpening knives now: Cannot wait to rip Manny, #Athletics & everything in path when Manny arrives in Valley of the Sun. Reprehensible.”

Seriously? You have nothing better to do than worry about a player that has to sit out the first 50 games of the season, then get in shape and who, in all likelihood, won’t even see the playing field this season?

And should reporters really be “sharpening knives” so they can go after a team and/or player? We must have been sick the day they taught that in journalism school at Kent State.


While we are still intrigued by the idea of the Browns weakening Pittsburgh by signing restricted free agent Mike Wallace, we have to admit to having some reservations after reading Ed Bouchette’s latest in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Bouchette points out that Wallace caught 43 passes for 800 yards in the first eight games of last season, but only had 29 receptions for 393 yards in the final eight games. He closed out the year with three receptions for 26 yards in the Steelers playoff loss to Denver.

Was that just a slump or did defenses figure something out?

That’s the big money question. (h/t Pro Football Talk)


Brady Quinn? Apparently not a big fan of Tim Tebow.

(Photo by The Associated Press)

Can’t anyone coach this game?

Every week as the Cleveland Browns drudged their way through a 4-12 season, the anti-Pat Shurmur crowd was out in full force, bleating about the first-year coach’s shortcomings.

No matter what happened, it was somehow Shurmur’s fault.

We certainly share the frustration of another lost season – did we mention the Browns were 4-12? – but we never totally understood the level of criticism.

Head over to The Cleveland Fan for the rest of the story.

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