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Indians narrowly avoid a costly lesson

tribe giambi homerWith a season that spans six months and 162 games, baseball is truly a marathon rather than a sprint.

And while wins in April count as much as wins in September, the same can not always be said of losses – especially for a team in a race for the playoffs. A loss in September can leave a team scrambling as, with the number of remaining games dwindling, there is more of an urgency – and fewer opportunities – to get back on track.

That is a lesson that Cleveland Indians avoided learning Tuesday night against the Chicago White Sox.

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Why is Jason Giambi on the Tribe’s roster exactly?

tribe jason giambiWe knew the numbers were bad.

We just didn’t know they were that bad.

We’re talking, of course, about Cleveland Indians designated hitter Jason Giambi.

After Friday night’s 0-for-4 performance against Boston, Giambi is now batting .150 on the season. But wait, there’s more! During the month of May, Giambi has three hits total in 32 at bats.  (h/t to Rick at WFNY for pointing out that fun little nugget during the game on Twitter.)

Despite it being pretty clear that Giambi is done as a player, Tribe manager Terry Francona keeps putting his name on the lineup card for reasons that remain a puzzle to fans.

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