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Would dropping Chief Wahoo hurt the Tribe in the wallet?

neon wahooAs the debate ebbs and flows over whether or not the Cleveland Indians should drop Chief Wahoo as their logo, a look at what has happened when other teams have made the decision reveals an interesting fact: teams that make the switch may not see a negative impact on their financial bottom line.

The Emory Sports Marketing Analytics project analyzed the impact on universities that changed their American Indian name or mascot and found that, for the most part, the switch away from an American Indian mascot results in positive financial returns over the long run. The switch also has no long-term impact on a team’s brand equity.

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If Sunday is the last home game for Josh Cribbs, it’s been a blast

cribbstbWe knew that Sunday’s game against Washington was the last home game on the schedule for the Cleveland Browns, but we hadn’t thought about how it could also be the last home game for Josh Cribbs in Orange and Brown until reading this post at WFNY.

It seems likely that Cribbs will be playing elsewhere next season. He will be 30 by the time the 2013 NFL season begins and, after eight years in the league, he will be looking for what will certainly be the final “big money” contract of his playing career. It seems just as likely that CEO Joe Banner will not be willing to be the highest bidder for Cribbs, especially as Banner has no emotional connection to the player.

And that’s too bad. While we don’t expect Banner to break the bank for Cribbs, it will be hard to watch if Cribbs is wearing a different uniform next season.

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Why are Browns fans upset with Josh Cribbs?

Judging by our timeline on Twitter Friday afternoon we are probably in the minority on this subject, but here goes:

Is Josh Cribbs’ desire to have a bigger role in the Cleveland Browns offense really a bad thing?

The Browns have a player who wants to be involved in the offense, who thinks he can help out on the field and … that’s supposed to be a bad thing? We’ve seen so many players come through town and dog it in the past 13 years – Gerard Warren, Quincy Morgan, Baryon Edwards and William Green quickly come to mind – that to hear a player speak up and want to take on more responsibility is refreshing.

So should Cribbs have a greater role in the offense over the final seven games of the season?

We answer that at The Cleveland Fan.

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