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Sixteen truths about the upcoming season for the Browns

Coming off a 4-12 season and with multiple rookies taking over at key positions, 2012 could be shaping up to be a rough season for the Cleveland Browns.

Not helping matters is the fact that the Browns play in the AFC North Division – the National Football League’s Group of Death – which contributes to the Browns having the third most-difficult schedule heading in the season.

According to ESPN, of the 10 teams that had the toughest schedules in 2011, the New York Giants (fourth-hardest) made the playoffs. But of the 10 teams with the easiest schedules, eight of them advanced to the post-season.

Fear not, though, Browns fans. Here are 16 truths – one for each opponent – to help get you ready for the upcoming season.

Head over to The Cleveland Fan for the rest of the story.

(Photo by The Associated Press)

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