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Liverpool apologizes for trying to improve their team

Clint DempseyIn one of those odd, British-only type stories, Liverpool officials have issued a formal apology for trying to improve the team over the summer by expressing interest in Clint Dempsey.

According to The Daily Mail, Liverpool co-owner Tom Werner visited Craven Cottage to apologize to Fulham chairman Mohadem Al Fayed for wanting to bring the American international to Anfield.

The visit was followed by a letter from Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre that said the club’s actions were “wrong” and should “never have occurred.”

“Please also consider this letter from me to be an additional expression of sincere regret and apology from our club to your club for our actions last summer,” Ayre wrote according to the newspaper. “Our club can do better and  we pledge that it will.”


Dempsey clearly needed a bigger stage than Fulham could provide and Liverpool was willing to bring him aboard. No need to get all pissy about it.

Fulham reported Liverpool to the league office, the Premier League version of tattling to the principal, but withdrew their complaint once their feelings were soothed.



In other news out of Anfield, manager Brendan Rodgers says he still hasn’t decided on the future of Joe Cole, who scored his first league goal of the season in Sunday’s win over West Ham.

“Joe just has to continue to look to get that consistency in his fitness,” Rodgers said in published reports. “He’s a terrific lad and I feel for him at times. He’s working so hard and wants to do well for the club. Is his future here? You would have to ask him that. The guy is still a Liverpool player – and while he’s a Liverpool player, I’ll work as hard as I can with my staff to try to make him the best we possibly can.

“If he’s not going to play as often as he wants, then he’s no different to any player really. Players are about game time and money. But he’s not any kind of problem. He’s a good guy and we will see what happens over the coming months.”


Finally, help may be on the way in January’s transfer window, as Liverpool is reportedly targeting Daniel Sturridge and Tom Ince in an £18 million pound deal.

Sturridge, at a cost of £12 million, almost joined the club during the last transfer period, but Rodgers didn’t want to sign him to a permanent deal. As for Ince, he has done well with Blackpool since leaving Anfield in 2011, and could come back for £6 million.

The club needs to do something as, despite all the problems they’ve had so far this year, they are currently 10th in the table, just four points out of fourth place and a Champions League spot.

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