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If Manchester City wants Suárez, Liverpool should let go

Defending champions Manchester City have turned their focus to Liverpool’s Luis Suárez, reportedly planning to offer anywhere from £40 million to £50 million during the January transfer window.

If that is the case, Liverpool really needs to make that deal – even if manager Brendan Rodgers is against it.

“It’s something I will always fight to protect the club and its assets,” Rodgers told The Daily Mail. “The modern game is very much about player movement – that’s part of football these days. But I will always fight to keep our best assets here. This is an incredible club to be involved with. Hopefully over the coming years we can return to that level, where players were here to win things and want to come here.

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Liverpool paying the price for Suárez shenanigans

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers came to the defense of striker Luis Suárez on Monday, saying that Suárez is receiving a raw deal from the officials.

“I find it incredible that in nearly all the coverage about Luis Suárez this weekend, very little focus has been placed on the fact that he was the victim of a stamping incident within the first five minutes of the game,” Rodgers told The Daily Mail. “There seems to be one set of rules for Luis and another set for everyone else. No one should be distracted from the real issue here, both at Anfield and at another game played on Sunday, when Luis and another player were hurt in off-the-ball incidents that went unpunished but were caught on TV cameras.

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