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The curtain drops on the Big Show in Cleveland

The Mike Holmgren era has officially come to a close, with Holmgren announcing that Friday will be his last day on the job as “official” president of the Cleveland Browns.

Holmgren has been unofficially off the job ever since Joe Banner took over as CEO (some would say he’s been off since being hired by former owner Randy Lerner almost three years ago).

“This is a great football city,” Holmgren said. “All of the things I said in my opening press conference came true in that way and I fully expect the team to do great things in the future. Those who have been covering the team for a long time can really enjoy it.

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Big Show couldn’t win with the Browns – on or off the field

The Mike Holmgren era ended on Tuesday in Cleveland, not with a bang but with a bit of a wimper.

Holmgren held his final press conference as team president of the Cleveland Browns and, while he will stay on through the end of the season in a transitional role, his time is definitely up.

“I want to feel like I’m contributing,” Holmgren said. “My emphasis is going to be in the football side of it. I don’t have to do the business stuff anymore. If I can help one player be a little better this season or one coach be a little better with some of the things that I know how to do and I feel like I’m contributing, then that could happen. We’re just going to take it a day at a time and see how it goes.”

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